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Company Profile

PIONEER FOODS is a private owned company which run the business of Organic products growing, processing, producing and marketing (Rice , Sesame seeds, Sugar ,Dried fruits ,spices ,natural salt , and rice syrup.Over the years, Pioneer foods has made a mission to give its customers the best quality of products.

we are located the richest rice growing areas of province Punjab (Pakistan) known for its rich cultural heritage, tradition, as well as its rich harvest worldwide, and the richest areas in the Himalayan Mountains to find the best of dried fruits by using our Quality Assurance Program (QAP).

Our all processing machinery is high tech, and meet all requirement of modern age. Before loading for shipping, our staff assures quality by double checking the product. They regularly monitor the products fields; from sowing to harvesting. Our staff has over many decades of experience. We are the largest Organic Rice and Dried Fruit Supplier from Pakistan. Which is certified for ISO, FSSC, and Fair trade and in the process of obtaining a BRC certificate, we are always looking ahead, and making sure we can give our customers healthiest, strongest, and most natural rice and all other products.

We are organic certified by control union Holland!